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TikTok Growth Challenge!

Grow quickly on TikTok by joining my growth challenge!

Are you ready to boost your TikTok and exponentially grow your follower count? Join my 10-day challenge and learn new strategies and tips daily!

Start Date: July 14th

End Date: July 25th

Let’s Grow On TikTok

Are you ready to turbocharge your TikTok?

My challenge ALWAYS works if you follow the daily tasks. In 10 days, you will learn the following secrets:

SECRET #1: How to make sure your followers keep coming back to learn more about you and watch your content multiple times a day! No one tells you this, but I will share it on the first day of the challenge.

SECRET #2: How to quickly reach your ideal customer, so you get followers who buy what you have to offer. I will reveal the secret to finding those paying customers during the challenge.

SECRET #3: Build trust between you and your new followers by doing a few things that others don't think of. I will tell you what other entrepreneurs do to build their audience via TikTok.

SECRET #4: I'll give you a sneak peek behind TikTok's scenes. I'll tell you what I've discovered that will guarantee more followers and significantly more sales. The results will be astounding in a much shorter time.

And much more throughout the remaining 10 days!

Fotoshootdag Goes

Hi, I'm Peggy, mother of Mandy (18) and Thijs (7), and married to Patrick. Thijs has multiple disabilities, which made me want to manage my own time so I can be there for him and still earn my own money.

By sharing our life with a care-intensive child on TikTok, a new world opened up for me. In the beginning, I really didn't understand TikTok at all. It's a fast platform, but luckily my daughter was there to guide me. But like many might experience... my daughter was too fast in showing me. So I dove into the technical side myself and started enjoying it.

I’ve now built a following on TikTok of over 93K, simply talking about my life with our non verbal son, who has a developmental delay, dyspraxia and autism. From being a content creator (influencer), I have also started helping entrepreneurs get more customers via TikTok. TikTok is the future for entrepreneurs!